Same Sex Weddings

In May 2016, Italy legalised same-sex marriage and although the process is somewhat different to that of heterosexual couples, making your marriage legal in Italy for you and your partner with a civil union is now possible.

As the process is still new, especially for international couples, there are some important considerations when planning a civil union. The current process involves two occasions where you must present yourselves at the Stato Civile office and there must be a minimum of 30 days between each meeting. So with this is mind, many same sex couples like heterosexual couples, that choose a destination wedding are preferring to go down the symbolic route.

We understand how difficult it can be planning a same sex wedding, especially in another country so this is where our expertise will come into place. We will be on hand every step of the way making sure that your vision for your special day is achieved.

“Where there is love there is life”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Photo Credits: Alfonso Longobardi & Thebrosphotography & Francesco De Tito